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Mission statement

Key idea: future through experience

  • We actively put the huge potential of voluntary experts and executives who are either retired or taking some time off work to use in society.
  • We have a special commitment to post-occupational volunteering. We see demographic change as an opportunity.
  • We facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience and promote solidarity between people from different generations, cultures and nations.
  • We strengthen societal, economic and social development and thereby contribute towards raising the standard of living.

Mission: helping others to help themselves in the interests of sustainable development

  • We offer our experts all sorts of different ways to volunteer. Their expertise improves other people’s opportunities.
  • We enable our clients to shape their own future in a better, sustainable way.
  • We support all levels of training for experts and executives in Germany and abroad.
  • We strengthen the social and professional skills of young people in Germany.

Guidelines: employees and volunteers working hand in hand

  • We utilise the synergies which arise when employees and volunteers work together, both within our organisation and beyond. That is one of the keys to our success.
  • We work on the goals agreed with our clients in a demand-led, needs-based fashion.
  • We safeguard quality and sustainability. We use our partners’ satisfaction as a benchmark for measuring our performance.
  • We treat the resources available to us responsibly and carefully.
  • We take an individual approach to fostering our employees’ development. Our managers lead by example. Their leadership style is hallmarked by esteem and respect.
  • We see ourselves as a learning organisation.

Values: responsibility and respect

  • We are committed to upholding the principles of free democracy and the free economic and social order. We see entrepreneurial initiative as a driving force for sustainable development.
  • We maintain neutrality and independence and respect third parties’ rights.
  • We value fairness and respect above all, and always seek to maintain an open, trusting dialogue.
  • We act responsibly towards society. We comply with international legal standards and reject any form of corruption as a matter of course.