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Are you looking for expert advice, solutions to technical, economic or organisational problems, or a new perspective? If so, an SES expert can help!

Click here to find all the information and documents you need to submit a request for assignment. Would you like to contact the SES straightaway and make a preliminary enquiry? If so, please use our contact form.


The SES offers voluntary, practical, straightforward, on-site support which is tailored to your needs.

It can draw on more than 13,000 experts and executives from 50 industries and 500 professions – from A for agriculture to Z for zoology, and all sorts of things in between.

The SES has completed 60,000 assignments in 170 different countries since it was established in 1983. This makes it one of the most important organisations of its kind – and the right one to help you!

The SES will contact you as soon as it can make concrete expert recommendations.


The SES supports organisations such as:

  • Small and medium-sized businesses
  • Public authorities
  • Professional and business associations
  • Social and medical facilities
  • Institutions which provide basic education or vocational training

Assignment duration

SES assignments usually last for four to six weeks. The maximum duration is six months. Follow-up assignments can be arranged at any time.