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Photography, filming and audio recordings

Data protection in accordance with Art. 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Senior Expert Service (SES) gGmbH
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Purposes of data collection and processing

The act of taking photos, filming and/or making audio recordings at events and publishing this material on websites, in our own printed media or by sharing them to third parties for editorial and journalistic use, for the purposes of press relations and PR and to represent the activity of SES is carried out in order to increase awareness of SES.

Legal basis

Legitimate interest in accordance with Art. 6, paragraph 1, point (f) of the GDPR and Sections 22 and 23 of the German Art Copyright Act (KUG).

The right to object

The parties concerned have the right to object to processing. This objection can be submitted to presse(at)
When weighing up interests, however, it is understood that the interest of the person responsible for photography, filming and audio recordings, and for the subsequent use of this data, rarely infringes excessively on the rights and freedoms of data subjects. Furthermore, when taking photographs, filming or making audio recordings, care is taken to ensure that the legitimate interests of data subjects are not violated.
In the event that, due to specific reasons of individual circumstances, the rights and freedoms of data subjects are overriding, no further processing shall ensue upon receipt of a founded objection. A photo in printed media cannot be blurred if it has already been published. Photos, films or audio recordings used in online media can be deleted within the bounds of technical feasibility.

Length of time for which data is stored

The data will be deleted once it has been used. In the event that data is kept for a longer period of time for tracking purposes, data is blocked to restrict processing.

Categories of recipient

Employees of SES, who are involved in the field of press relations and PR, or who need to receive the data in order to process it. Sponsors, co-organisers and representatives of the press who are reporting on the event and the organiser’s activities for their own or for journalistic purposes. Photos, films and audio recordings are diffused to the general public by means of online and offline publications. On legal grounds, third parties may assert their own rights, for example, social media platform exploitation rights. Journalists may also assert their rights under Art. 5 of the German Constitutional Law (Grundgesetz), which may conflict with the rights of data subjects.

Complaints and queries regarding the processing of photos, films and audio recordings

If you have any concerns or a question about the processing of photos, films or audio recordings, you can contact the SES Communications Department or the Data Protection Officer, as well as the Regional Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information for North Rhine-Westphalia.