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Voluntary assignments in 170 different countries

The SES has been completing international assignments for longer than it has been doing anything else. Its history of helping overseas began in 1983, with the first foreign assignment assisting a farming cooperative in Brazil.

The SES has now completed more than 37,000 assignments in 170 different countries.

Support for all industries and sectors

The experts also work in a broader range of areas than ever before. They now assist small and medium-sized businesses, public authorities, professional and business associations, social and medical facilities, and institutions which provide basic education or vocational training.

They lend a hand in the skilled trades and with the installation, servicing and operation of machinery at production facilities, help to train specialists, resolve issues in marketing, sales, organisation, HR or certification, and provide support in all sorts of other areas.

Assignment duration

SES assignments last for an average of four to six weeks. The maximum duration is six months. Follow-up assignments can be arranged at any time.


Even assignments like those completed by the SES cost money. Thanks to the voluntary commitment of its experts and the generous backing of both private and public institutions, the cost for you is low. For further information, please click here.


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